Community Spaces

By using our community spaces and on-site amenities you acknowledge that you are doing so at your own risk. Veyron Properties is not responsible for personal injuries obtained while using our community spaces and on-site amenities, or for any items stolen from or lost when left at our community spaces and on-site amenities.

Tenants will be responsible for any damages to property resulting from improper use of the space, including furniture, fixtures, plumbing, electrical, heating, etc.

Please notify the Property Manager if you notice damages or safety concerns.

Waterside Fitness Centre

  1. Membership is available exclusively to residents of 550 South Island Hwy (Waterside Residences) who have submitted to the Managing Agent a fully executed Waiver and Release Agreement. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL ANY PERSON USE THE FITNESS Centre PRIOR TO EXECUTION OF THE WAIVER AND RELEASE AGREEMENT.

  2. Use of the Fitness Centre and its equipment are at the sole risk of the user. The Fitness Centre and equipment will not be supervised and each user must inspect the room and the equipment before use to insure that it is in proper safe and working condition.

  3. No person under the age of 16 shall be admitted at any time.

  4. No guests of members are entitled to use the Fitness Centre at any time.

  5. No employees of members are entitled to use the Fitness Centre at any time.

  6. Personal trainers hired by members are permitted only after giving prior notice to the Managing Agent and providing proof of insurance. Personal trainers shall also be required to execute the Waiver and Release Agreement prior to gaining admission to the Fitness Centre. Members must accompany personal trainers within the building at all times and personal trainers shall not use the fitness Centre for their own personal use.

  7. The Fitness Centre shall be open from 5:00 am until 10:00 pm daily.

  8. The Fitness Centre shall be locked at all times. Keys to the Fitness Centre are for the exclusive use of its members and shall not be duplicated or loaned to other persons. Persons found violating this rule shall have their access to the Fitness Centre revoked.

  9. Use of listening devices must be with headphones.

  10. No food, chewing gum, or alcoholic beverages are permitted in the Fitness Centre. All other beverages, including water, must be in unbreakable, closed containers.

  11. Animals are not permitted in the Fitness Centre.

  12. Smoking is not permitted in the Fitness Centre.

  13. Members are expected to clean up after themselves, including wiping down equipment after use, and removing water bottles and other refuse in the Fitness Centre after leaving.

  14. Each member is responsible for returning the equipment to its proper location.

  15. Members are solely responsible for their personal belongings. No personal belongings can be left overnight, and no equipment can be removed from the Fitness Centre.

  16. Use of aerobic equipment shall be limited to thirty minutes when other members are waiting for that piece of equipment.

  17. Appropriate dress and clean indoor shoes are required.

  18. Members must not use the Fitness Centre or Fitness Equipment while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  19. All malfunctions or other problems must be brought to the attention of the Property Manager / Agent.

Waterside Community Room

  1. This space is not to be used between the hours of 9 pm  and 8 am.

  2. Non-residents may only use this space at the invitation of and in the company of Waterside residents.

  3. Please clean up after yourself, place trash in the trash cans provided and take any personal items with you when you leave.

  4. No Smoking.

  5. No Drugs.

  6. No Animals.

  7. No Horseplay or Roughhousing.

  8. Use of this space is on a first-come basis.

  9. Capacity: Not to exceed 12 people on the Community Patio and 8 people in the Community Room.

  10. Please do not leave children or guests unattended.

  11. Keeping noise to a minimum

  12. Using respectful and family appropriate language

  13. Share the space with other five7five community members and their guests.

Bicycle Storage

Bicycle storage is available at Waterside for free to our residences. Please note however, that storage is limited, and is on a first come, first serve basis.


Your Community Manager is Sydney Crawford. You can reach Sydney at 250.926.5501 or email her at