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Posted January 6, 2020 by Brad White

Downsizing to Apartment Living

So you're downsizing to an apartment. Maybe you're empty nested, relocating, or you're retired and want to cut back on the size and cost of your home. Whatever the reason, you need to move into a smaller place and this can be a difficult transition for many people. Usually it means moving a house full of furniture and personal items into an apartment. Obviously this can be a tight squeeze, especially if you're not a fan of clutter.

There is Good News though, you'll soon see that moving from a house to an apartment has its benefits. In fact apartment living has a lot to offer—like no grass to mow, snow to shovel, roof to repair and much more. However the transition can still be a challenge so here are some tips to help you through it. 

  • Garage Sale: Decide what you're taking with you and sell the rest.
  • Know Your Measurements: Get the measurements of your new living space and the furniture you want to keep and know where everything will go in advance of the move.
  • Storage: Assess your storage needs and find out what storage space you have available at your new apartment complex. If necessary purchase space-efficient storage that will work with your apartment's decor.
  • Cull Your Closet: If you haven't worn it in the past six months... sell or donate items you don't wear.
  • Sentimental??? It's amazing how many things we hold on to because we think they hold sentimental value, but in reality we kept them because we had the room and we really wanted to avoid dealing with them.
  • Avoid the Temptation to Shop! When we move it's easy to think we need to go shopping for new items for our new place. But in reality if you buy more stuff you are increasing the amount of things you'll need to get rid of.

We hope this little list of tips helps with your downsizing adventure!