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Posted January 20, 2020 by Brad White

Apartment Living With Your Kids

Are mountains of toys about to push you over the edge? Have Action Figures, RCs and Legos taken over your apartment? Afraid to open your child's bedroom door? Out of sight isn't really out of mind and you've got to go in there some time. Fortunately there are storage options ideal for apartments that won't break the bank and can be easily sourced.

We love our children but lets face it, when it comes to their toys it can be quite a different story. Even the most relaxed of parents want their homes to look less like a day care on some occasions. Below are some ideas that hopefully will get you thinking in the right direction and a little closer to your adult bliss.

  • Furniture with hidden compartments, like ottomans or benches can offer fashionable storage options for that extra quick tidy when unexpected guests drop by.
  • Shelves and caddies with wheels are a good option for items that can be stored in a closet or in a bedroom space but require a larger area when their being played with.
  • Shelving with board games, books and puzzles properly arranged and interspersed with family photos and your personal decorative touch can create spaces serve as both storage for your kids items and your need for a little "order".
  • How about an 'Activity Center' with a table, shelves and hanging options for things like play-dough, crayon holders, coloring books, paint supplies, etc. This is a good way to keep all of the more messy toys in one place for both storage and regular use.
  • Hanging storage options designed for hanging shoes and sweaters in closets can easily double as organized and out-of-sight toy storage as well.


Kids Room Coordination

Even though your kids are less than enthusiastic about having to keep their rooms tidy, it actually adds to their enjoyment of their play when their play things are organized. Consider some of the following options for their bedrooms.

  • Take advantage of valuable space with under-the-bed storage. The right size and shape containers can offer loads of storage space that is easily accessible for your littler ones
  • Magnetic strips offer clever storage for metal toys like Matchbox cars or scissors and can also cleanly display your child's artwork.
  • A stuffed toy hammock will add to you child's room's playful sense of style amke great use of unused space for their favourite plush friends.
  • Hang a fabric shoe rack on the inside of the bedroom door and voila, an instant organizer for both Ken and Barbie.
  • Painted peg-board makes a great wall storage feature that can be customized for many shape and size items.
  • Magnets can be utilized in many ways from making tidying of metal toys fast and fun to magnetic strips for hanging metal items.

We hope these suggestions ignite your creative ideas and help you make the best use of your apartment space and while helping you to keep your sanity.