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Posted March 2, 2020 by Brad White

Apartment Hunting 101

Apartment hunting can be exciting and even a little overwhelming. Searching the internet, determining your budget, checking your credit score, asking for references... it can feel like a lot. But, the good new is you can organize and clarify the process with a few steps.


Give Yourself Time

The urgency that can be associated with finding an apartment can cause us to panic. This is definitely not unusual and if this is how you're feeling you're not alone. In reality though, finding an apartment isn't always a quick process and by not putting it off too long you can save yourself some very real stress. Try to plan ahead as much as possible. Give yourself the gift of time so you can make the best decision based on your budget, needs, preferences, etc.


Your Search Criteria

Tips to help with your plan:

  • What are your apartment needs / wants? Amenities? Bedrooms? Size? Location?

  • Your Budget: Include things like...

    • Rental Insurance

    • Deposits

    • Utilities and Service Costs

    • Moving Costs

  • Other items to consider could include the extra expense from having to eat out more than usual or hotel costs if there's a time gap between move-out and move-in.


Documents and Information

Below are some of the things you may need for the application process.

  • Government approved photo ID

  • Proof of income

  • Rental history and references

  • Vehicle registration and proof of insurance


Ask Questions

Make a list of questions to ask before you start. These might include...

  • How are the rent payments processed?  

  • What utilities and amenities are included? 

  • Will rent increase over time? 

  • Is renters insurance required? 

  • What parking is available for tenants and guests?

  • Are pets permitted and if so are there any restrictions or extra costs associated?

  • Is smoking permitted on the property?

  • Are BBQs permitted?

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